Commercial Doors & Openers

R&S offers commercial sectional and rolling steel doors as well as products from other top manufacturers. We are confident that these exceptional quality doors offer an overhead door system that will provide years of worry free operation.

Contact R&S of Richmond to discuss your Commercial Door options. One of our dedicated and responsive team members would enjoy the opportunity to answer your questions and guide you to the best door for your commercial application.

Grille Doors

R&S is a leading manufacturer of aluminum rolling grilles. Manufactured to meet the need for secure, effective, space saving closures that are endurance tested while providing outstanding value. A variety of mountings, operation methods, materials, finishes and options are available.

Custom engineering capabilities allow many standard R & S rolling door products to be adapted for special uses including: combination door and grilles, crane doors (for T-shaped openings), aircraft hanger tail-section doors, cabinet enclosures (with curved or inclined guides), horizontal covers (over openings in floors or ceilings).


Standard Grille

The standard straight link pattern for grilles in normal usage applications such as shopping malls and store fronts. All aluminum curtain is formed of horizontal rows of 5/16 inches aluminum rods spaced 1-1/2 inches apart to be connected by vertical 3/4 inch aluminum links spaced 9 inches apart.

Standard Straight Link Pattern


Heavy Grille

Heavy straignt link pattern for grilles in high usage applications such as parking garages. Curtain is formed of horizontal rows of 5/16 inch aluminum rods, alternating with 1/4 inch galvanized steel rods covered with a 5/16 inch aluminum tube sleeve. Rods are spaced 1-1/2 inches apart and connected by vertical 3/4 inch aluminum links spaced 9 inches apart.


Standard Straight Link Pattern


Optional Brick Pattern

Stainless steel grilles also available.